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mid air

director: mischa rozema

"The truth about our Universe will be found in another'"

Dutch director Mischa Rozema returns with Mid Air, hot on the heels of the success of his debut film project, Sundays. The philosophical sci-fi project, Sundays, was the focus of much industry attention following the online release of the concept short by Rozema and PostPanic Pictures. Warner Bros eventually secured a deal with Chernin coming on board for the feature. Following on the intelligent sci-fi theme, Mid Air explores new territories and science across a longer episodic structure, building upon themes and interests close to Rozema’s heart.

Mid Air particularly explores the concept of the multiverse. Says Rozema, “I’m just very interested in the prospects of science. We’re living in a very exciting time and are within reach of some amazing discoveries and human accomplishments. Some hypotheses out there are just too good to not be inspired by. They are great vehicles of yet untold stories. I’m learning a lot these days.”

Filming for the episodic is planned for Autumn this year with locations and cast as yet unconfirmed but post-production will once again be carried out by the award-winning in-house VFX team at PostPanic.